Sunday, February 28, 2010

'Letters from Home"

So I have been following my friend Kristen's family blog for awhile and she did the cutest thing last week and I wanted to borrow a page from her book. (Interestingly enough, she got the idea from a different Katie, haha Thanks ladies!)

Anyway, here are some letters to various people/things/ideas in my life...

Dear Snow,

Please stop reminding me why I left Ohio, I enjoyed my vacation but if I am going to move to Ohio I'll need you to tone it down a little. It doesn't seem to matter which direction I walk, you blow in my face and the little one, she doesn't like it. Also you make driving fairly cumbersome and Eric doesn't know what to do with you. Please just play nice.

Dear Addison,

As we get closer to your 1st birthday I am reminded just how close I came to losing you and it makes me sad. Our whole world revolves around you and how far you have come in the last 11 months. There is something truly amazing about you and Daddy and I are so happy to have you here with us and get to watch you smile, laugh, and grow.

Dear Alumni people for Alpha Chi Omega, Case Western Reserve University, University of South Carolina, Gamecock Club, Division of Student Affairs,

I understand that fundraising is a large component of making things move, but as an involved student I am a little stressed out about everyone claiming me for Alumni verification. Please stop calling/emailing/trying to trick me into a $150 bound edition of a book that lists everyone who every did the same thing as me in the history of the organization. I love being an alum and give as I can, but if I haven't called you in a year there is a reason. Please leave me alone I don't have a job that pays in money. Unless you would like baby drool. :o)

Dear Facebook,

It's not you, it's me. I cannot deal with all of your changes and I have a lot going on that you seem to get in the way of. I have to admit, I miss aimlessly wandering your pages but I have finished an entire 5 book series and I am looking forward to putting my baby's scrapbook pages together. I am sure you will go on without me.

Dear Eric,

You are such a great partner. Thank you for working so hard so that I could stay home with Addison this year while she was recovering. I'm so proud of you and everything you do. I would love it if you continue looking for a job that values you. Not just because it could be a raise, but also because you could spend more time with your girls and giving back to yourself. :o) You really need some more man-dates in your life.

Dear Apartment,

While I enjoy your spacious 1100 sq ft we are not willing to keep paying more and more for you. With that said when our lease is up in May, we will be leaving you. I am grateful for the last 15 months that we have shared but lets face it, an additional $70 a month just to stay in the exact same situation...we could be in a house. Sorry.



(And for those of you wondering...we did get snowed in an extra day but we are now safely home! :o) Thank you for checking on us!)

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