Thursday, June 3, 2010

"Feeling Good"

So it has been far too long since our last post. Baby Addison has had two surgeries in the last month, flown to Philly, gone to her first baseball game, and started crawling!

Surgeries first because I'm sure everyone is wondering what happened. Because Addison was so early she needed help breathing for a long time. Now if you don't learn anything about medical advances and preemies - learn this - everything is a double edged sword. Stereoids are super helpful and great for little ones with swelling but has been linked to different types of palsys. Feeding tubes give baby food so their guts don't go unused but then the babies tummy never learns to close and they can have reflux issues. Most importantly, these little ones often need help breathing which can lead to swelling and scar tissue, which is what we have with Addison.

Her first surgery went in and removed a mucus cyst (from all the tubes rubbing) and lasered out some of her scar tissue to allow her to breath easier. We felt like things went well but at her follow up there was still some significant narrowing of her airway and a second surgery was planned. That happened yesterday.

Two narrowed areas were stretched with a balloon and everything seems to have gone well. There was some sign of acid damage from her reflux so doctors are stepping up that part of her meds, but all in all - she is happy and healthy, and most importantly - home! So we are all feeing good.

Crawling is a whole other adventure! She is into everything and we love it. She moves around and looks at us like, "why are you in the way?" or "why did you move that up there?" and she smiles all of the time. Won't be too long before she is walking and mommy has to finish baby proofing the new apartment.

Summer is calling so hopefully there will be a first trip to the beach soon and pictures!! Take care out there!