Thursday, September 23, 2010

"Making Memories of Us" much can happen in a month. I really need to be better about blogging. Although, this blog was started to make it easier for our family and friends to keep up with us and when the family in question is in town it is hard to remember to blog.

We had all our check ups this month so here we go:

Eyes - look good for now. No need for an immediate second surgery, possibly never a second surgery.

Teeth - our baby teeth are coming in amazingly well. There were worries because of how early she was.

Ears - passed. Well mostly...haha our stridor make it hard for us to hear the softest tones.

Which brings us to our last issue - Airway - there was some swelling but it was hard for the doctor to tell if it was from allergies and the change of the seasons or actual scar tissue. We have a follow up in 5 weeks and until then are back on our nebulizer. If there is swelling or any question about her airway they will knock her out again and go back in to take a better look and possibly laser or dilate her again.

I feel like I need to add this disclaimer in case you stumbled across our family page. Addison was born at 27 weeks instead of 40, and has overcome some unique preemie milestones in the last 18 months. Premature births happen and I don't aim to scare anyone or preach, but this is our story and I aim to share it in the most straight forward way.

Life happens, and we are making the most of it. Today, for instance, our little ball of sunshine and I made some more amazing memories. After playing at the park for a grand total of 10 minutes before Addison got bored we began walking home and passed the pool. It was empty and Addison started stretching for the sun glistening pool. One would think I learned for our last impromptu pool trips, but no. We put our feet in and that wasn't enough, so she jump off the first step and planted her hiney on the second step.

Then the splashing started, and the next thing I knew - we were both in the pool, fully clothed and giggling in the sun. For the next 30 minutes or so we splashed and swam around...walking home was fun...squishing the whole way. Of course for Addison that was it, mommy was left with all the laundry (yay!) and I'm the only one who will remember today, but it was totally worth it. :o)

Thanks for checking in...updates will come more often, promise.

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