Saturday, April 24, 2010

"I've had one of those days..."

Big week with a lot to balance...Addison was sick again and we made another trip to the ER. Sadly this ended up with an ENT referral and Addison is now scheduled to have "surgery" on Wednesday. I use quotes because we don't know so much that there will be cutting - which is what I think makes a surgery, but there will be anesthesia so there you go. Long story short, Addison has always made some noise when she breaths and everyone thought she'd grow out of a it...a year later and very little progress so they want to go in and check it out.

Eric got a job offer at the same hospital Addison will be in which is great because we really needed it! He is getting a big bump in work and finally a set 8-5 weekday schedule, so yay! I also have news on the job front - an interview Monday at the same hospital (which is also a medical university). Needless to say we are staying put in the Low Country for I'm thinking at least 2 more could be worse. We have an amazing support system here, but it's just hard being away from home. But the move is in 7 days...haha why do I do this to myself?!

Strawberry picking has gone really well and if I can wrap this up and get baby to sleep after her next bottle I have big plans for some strawberry bread and strawberry preserves...packing and cleaning can wait until after some mommy time...Hope all is well out there.

(Newest pictures from Mepkin Abbey)

Grooms Family

Daddy's Girls
Addison eating a flower
She was so done by this point :o( poor thing

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