Wednesday, August 4, 2010

::Catching Up::

Sadly, I have fallen very, very far behind in updating about Addison and our family. With that in mind, I am forgoing my normal song related title and just trying to catch everyone up.

Eric started his new job at the hospital and loves it and I am celebrating my 1 year Scent-iversary with Scentsy! The biggest updates come with baby Addison, who is now very clearly toddler Addison. :o)

We have had 2 airway surgeries in the last 6 weeks and we are happy to report Addison is blossoming now that she doesn't have to work so hard to breathe. She has started babbling and making noises, we've given up our bottle and drink from a big girl straw cup. With that said, we are a little behind on our talking and have brought in a Speech therapist. So if you are keeping count, that's the 4th therapy that Addison gets so all in all we are a very busy lot.

Walking is another project Addison has been exploring and while we cruise with the best of them she seems a little, while drunk. We wobble and fall a lot more than I feel she should and upon having her routine 3 month eye appointment found out that Addison has a depth perception problem due to her extreme earliness. In order to fix this, she will be undergoing a double eye surgery in two weeks. Yay!  Upside is the surgery is outpatient so we should be back home that night, no issues.

So that's about it. We have been keeping very busy with all of that. Not to mention Eric playing softball in this fall and me crafting (pictures to come). But we are never too busy for company. So if you are making a trip to the area, we'd love to see you. I really need some Texas and Ohio in my's getting a little lonely out here.

That's it for now - off to the library with toodles. :o)


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